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Teen auto insurance quotes

Teen auto insurance quotes are affected by credit ratings

Johnny Carson : Is your use of credit card affecting your teen auto insurance quotes?

How can you get cheap car insurance by making changes to your credit card use?

Credit card use and relation to teen auto insurance quotes

Students, young drivers or college students are using credit cards more and more to finance educational expense. This is not surprising in the challenging market for jobs and the expense of college education. Managing credit cards and finance is a real challenge. Though most college students or young drivers do not realize it finance and credit ratings affect not only one area but a lot of areas of your life. Establishing a good credit rating is very important for getting teen auto insurance quotes or cheap car insurance since insurance companies always check the credit ratings and base their car insurance quotes on their credit.

As per a study for 2009, on average, students have 4.6 credit cards, and half of college students had four or more cards. The average (mean) balance grew to $3,173, higher than in any of the previous studies. And, only 17 percent said they regularly paid off all cards each month, and another 1 percent had parents, a spouse, or other family members paying the bill. The remaining 82 percent carried balances and thus incurred finance charges each month.

How good credit can help you in getting cheap teen auto insurance quotes or cheap car insurance and other areas.

Good credit can help you in getting cheap teen auto insurance quotes , cheap car insurance rates and even cheap home insurance rates. As per the insurers, if a person can handle their financials well than they are responsible persons. A responsible person will maintain their vehicle and also not be an aggressive driver. Logically, the driver is the main person who is responsible for car accidents or car insurance claims, and thus the probability of loss would be very low for a responsible person. Insurance rates are based on probability and since the probability of loss is less here, you automatically qualify for cheap car insurance or cheap teen auto insurance quotes.

Your credit rating will help you getting a job, renting an apartment and even securing loans if you want to start a new business.

How to maintain good credit for cheap teen auto insurance quotes

Once you are able to maintain a good credit rating than getting cheap teen auto insurance quotes or cheap car insurance is easy or for that matter any insurances.

The best ways to maintain good credit is to pay your outstanding amounts in time or keep the balance outstanding as low as possible.

Secondly set a budget and stick to the budget.

Third keep in touch with creditors so that you do not miss paying a bill if the same is misplaced in the post since any non-payment is going to hurt you.

Last but not least, monitor your credit report and keep on checking your credit rating once a year.

A positive credit is going to earn you cheap teen auto insurance quote and cheap car insurance.

Teenager car insurance
Teen auto insurance quote

Teen auto insurance quotes for young drivers

Chris Bogan : Are only teen auto insurance rates only higher or do we have higher rates for other drivers?

Teen auto insurance rates are not the only highest rates

Response : Chris, teen auto insurance rates are not the highest rates the highest rates are for those involved in drunk driving or those who are involved in a dui accident or dui accidents.

Yes, teen auto insurance rates are higher than the rates for drivers who are over +25. If you have kept in touch with my blog till date you would be knowing all about the facts as to why the teen auto insurance rates are higher. What is interesting and to be always kept in mind that auto insurance rates are dynamic. The insurers are continously monitoring the data for cars, drivers, geographical regions, driving habits and other factors like the road, weather conditions, laws and so foth which would directly influence the auto accidents or the claims and expenses for the insurers and base thier data on these findings. With the advent of computers and online tools like surrveys, getting information on any topic is becoming very much easy and easy to analyse and evaluate.

Teen girls are getting to be more reckless and need higher teen auto insurance

Teen girls are becoming more agressive drivers and are involved in more distracted driving which is fast changing their reputation to bad drivers. Does this matter to us? Of course it would, since the more agressive drivers we have out there the more at risk are all of us. This is something which we need to understand and try and get ourselves better equiped with and better trained with defensive driving. And why should we ashamed or not want to do this. Surely, after reading what CNN has just found out below, you will agree with me that teen drivers whether they are girls or boys are not the only bad drivers and responsible for higher teen auto insurance quotes.

Surrvey by CNN which shows bad drivers- who influence auto insurance rates – all, not only teen auto insurance rates

” One out of 5 licensed drivers — some 38 million Americans — lack the knowledge necessary to pass a written driving test, and even more are distracted while driving, according to a survey released Thursday.
The annual GMAC Insurance National Drivers test polled 5,202 licensed drivers from 50 states and the District of Columbia with a 20-question test derived from state department of motor vehicles exams. A passing grade was 70% or better. The survey also asked additional questions about distracting habits such as texting while driving.

Interesting ? So my friend , teen auto insurance rates are not the only highest auto insurance rates. Quick and easy, grab a free low teen auto insurance rate here.


Best car insurance
Teenager car insurance

True incident on Teen auto safety, and teen auto insurance coverage

This is a true incident which I read in Insurance Journal news of 19th July 2010. This is an eye-opener for teenagers, their parents that teen auto insurance is very important and it is important to have the best auto insurance coverage and limits. Do not leave it to chance.

Teen auto accident – speeding leads to fatality and high teen auto insurance

“A 16-year-old South Carolina boy has pleaded guilty to reckless homicide in a crash that killed one of his teenage passengers.
Troopers say the boy was driving more than 100 mph when his car left a rural Lancaster County road last December, struck a utility pole and rolled over several times before smashing into a building nearly 300 feet from the road.

The Herald of Rock Hill reported the teen entered an Alford Plea in Family Court on Thursday. In his plea, the boy didn’t admit being responsible for the death, but concedes there is enough evidence to convict him. His lawyer says the boy doesn’t remember the crash.
The driver and two other passengers were injured.

The teen will be sentenced after an evaluation by the Department of Juvenile Justice”

Lessons for us and clue to get teen auto insurance coverage and best teen auto insurance quotes now

Do you want to be like this teen and indulge in reckless driving? I am sure you must have taken a clue that teen safety is more important then you and your family paying for the rest of your life – mentally and in terms of money.

We all need to concentrate on making things much smoother for the teens, to allow them to realize that driving cars is really serious business, which not only affects how much teen auto insurance cost but also about safety.

Loosing a friend and than messing up your own life? We do not want more do we?

It is very important for you to get teen auto insurance now if you do not have it, get the optimum teen auto insurance coverage and get the best teen auto insurance quotes, cheap car insurance quotes now- before it is too late.

The other lesson to be learnt is to have the optimum teen auto insurance coverage and limits so that we can pay the expense to get them back on their feet and not have to worry about finacial issues when our teen is under stress. Get the right and optimum teen auto insurance coverage and limits- pass on the risk to the general insurance companies today.

Yes, we do help you in providing free teen auto insurance quotes . Get them now and stay risk free.

Best car insurance
Best car insurance

Michael Jordan: How do you lower teen auto insurance costs for young drivers?

Getting lower teen auto insurance costs for young drivers

Response : Getting lower teen auto insurance costs for young drivers is much easier and less time consuming than you would ever have thought. There are only a few actions which you need to take and no risk involved to get low teen auto insurance costs.

Compare teen auto insurance costs online to get best car insurance rates

The best easiest way to get lower teen auto insurance costs is to compare teen auto insurance costs online. Online you can get free teen auto insurance quotes which will help you in comparing the cost of teen auto insurance for each of the insurance companies. You can than find out which insurance company gives you the lower teen auto insurance costs, check them out and insure with them. The reason why you should be doing this is because car insurance is a dynamic market and besides for yourself also the risk changes and hence its best to compare teen auto insurance costs online to get best car insurance rates. It can be done within minutes with the availability of the high speed internet.

Improving teen driving skills and habits will lower teen auto insurance costs

The other guaranteed method to lower teen auto insurance costs is to help, guide and encourage your teen or young driver to form good driving skills and habits. Lately it has been found that even teenage girls or young girl drivers are indulging in more and more reckless driving. The idea is to make them more responsible so that they do not indulge in drunk driving or distracted driving.

You need to explain to your teen as parents that if they establish an excellent driving record they would be able to have lower teen auto insurance costs for now and also pave their way to cheap car insurance quotes throughout their life time and this can help them save $597/- per year – which would mean that they get two free new cars to drive in their lifetime!

How about this? Get low teen auto insurance costs here and get free cars in future!!!!

Cheap auto insurance
Teen auto insurance quotes

Cheap teen auto insurance -Bodily injury coverage is important

Cheap teen auto insurance and right coverage

Cheap teen auto insurance

George Michael : I am looking for a cheap teen auto insurance coverage and want to know if the bodily injury coverage would cover me or my family members in case of an accident?

Cheap teen auto insurance and appropriate liability coverage


Cheap teen auto insurance best car insurance bodily injury coverage.

    Cheap teen auto insurance

coverage can be easily obtained once you understand what coverage you want to opt for and the discounts that you are eligible for. You need to compare and shop for the cheap car insurance and cheap teen auto insurance and check out the quotes for free here.

Bodily injury coverage common for any car insurance including
This is a coverage which provides coverage for other people’s bodily injuries or death for which you are responsible. It also provides for a legal defense if another party in the accident files a lawsuit against you. The claims for bodily injury may include medical bills, loss of income or pain and suffering. In the event of a serious accident, you want enough insurance to cover a judgment against you in a lawsuit, without jeopardizing your personal assets. Bodily injury liability covers injury to people, not your vehicle. Therefore, it is a good idea (and usually a company requirement) to have the same level of coverage for all of your cars. This is a mandatory auto insurance coverage in most states.

Cheap Teen auto insurance injury coverage

 Does bodily injury cover you and your family members?
Remember that this is not a personal medical insurance coverage or coverage for the insured that are named under your policy. All named drivers in your policy are considered insured or self by the insurance company and will not be covered. Bodily Injury Liability does NOT cover you or other people on your policy. Coverage is limited to the terms and conditions contained in the policy.

Now if your friend who is not covered on your policy as a “insured” is injured whilst riding with you, than he can file a suit against you and get benefits under the bodily injury coverage if you were negligent and responsible for the accident. Teenagers normally prefer to have friends with them and hence before you think of cheap teen auto insurance only remember to ensure that adequate bodily injury coverage is taken.

Bodily Injury coverage limits
The dual coverage limits refer to the maximum amounts that will be paid per person, per incident, respectively.

Points to remember for selecting your Bodily Injury limits:
If you select limits that are too low, you could be putting yourself at risk financially.
For example, if either you or a driver covered by your policy cause a serious injury where damages exceed your limits, you will be held responsible for the amount above your limits. To make that payment, you could be forced to liquidate property, savings, and other assets, or your future earnings could be attached. By purchasing liability limits to account for both your current assets and future net worth, you can help protect yourself against this risk.

Teenagers will not have many assets- something to consider when you go for teen auto insurance, do not focus only on cheap teen auto insurance.

Remember to get the right coverage and limits is important for getting cheap car insurance and cheap teen auto insurance quotes here. I can give you both a cheap teen auto insurance quote and the appropriate coverage.Do you want them?

Teen auto insurance
Teen auto insurance

Get cheap car insurance with careful driving.


Myth - Red car has higher teen insurance rate- no distracted driving is the cause

Cheap car insurance or teen auto safety?

Cheap car insurance or teen auto safety?

Cheap car insurance or cheap throwing away of life

Cheap car insurance or cheap throwing away of life

Safety or cheap teen auto insurance?

Must read and see the pictures…this is reality!

Why blame teen auto insurance to be high?

This is a message which I got on my email and was asked to pass around. I feel strongly on teen safety and youth safety and this is one main reason, I write and write so that some one somewhere benefits….my way of contributing. This is excatly, what I want to pass on the message of Safety and this is a true fact, no stories…

“The Honda crotch rocket rider was traveling at approximately 85 mph. The VW driver was talking on a cell phone when she pulled out from a side street, apparently not seeing the motorcycle. The rider’s reaction time was not sufficient enough to avoid this accident.

The car had two passengers and the bike rider was found INSIDE the car with them. The Volkswagen actually flipped over from the force of impact and landed 20 feet from where the collision took place.

All three involved (two in the car and the bike rider) were killed instantly. This graphic demonstration was placed at the Motorcycle Fair by the Police and Road Safety Department..
Pass this on to car drivers or soon to be new drivers, or new motorcycle owners AND ESPECIALLY EVERYONE YOU KNOW WHO HAS A CELL PHONE!!!!!
A picture is worth a thousand words.

Save a life…

Stop talking on Cell phones and Texting while trying to drive. The life you save may be your own….. or mine… Teenagers are more prone to this so explain to them that distraction should be avoided to get cheap teen auto insurance and save lives.

Keep passing this link to all your friends and family so that they are safe and sound with us…….. we need and love them all. This is our homage to the dear departed souls.

Ensure that you bass it to all and we together succeed to get teen and young drivers safety and cheap


Cheap car insurance
Teenager car insurance

Get inexpensive teen auto insurance quotes

Cristiano Ronaldo : How can I save on teen auto insurance quotes?

Getting inexpensiveteen auto insurance quotes :

Response : Money can be saved on teen auto insurance rates and you can get inexpensive teen auto insurances. Let us expolre some of the ways you can do it without any legal complications and get the best coverages.

Teen auto insurance quote strategy

When parents simply add a young driver on their preexisting plan versus setting up an entirely new one for their child. This is an ideal method for parents who have good driving history as a significant way to save some cash. However, before you consider this option you need to remember that if you are driving an expensive car than you would be better off having a separate coverage or teen auto insurance policy for the young driver or teen. Secondly, if the parents have a bad driving record and are paying higher on the same policy it would be more cheaper to have a separate

    teen auto insurance


Teen auto insurance quotes and insurance companies

Every company is different, most do not offer discounted teen auto insurance until the driver is at least twenty-five years of age. Twenty-five is the official age that insurance companies view as entering adulthood. Some companies offer discounts for drivers who are twenty-three, and most offer lower rates for those who marry even if they are younger than twenty-five.

Type of vehicle affects teen auto insurance quotes

A dependable used car would cost less and would allow for cheaper rates due to the fact that an insurance company would not view the vehicle as much risk as a flashy sports car. Used cars are less likely to get broken into than flashy vehicles which attract attention. Most often when a family adds a young driver the insurance companies will assess the teen auto insurance rates based on a car assigned for the teenager. Parents can choose to save a little if the specify their cheapest automobile as the one which while be chiefly driven by the young driver. However, this could lead to problems if teenager has an accident while driving a car other than the one assigned to them in the insurance agreement. If an accident occurs while the driver is behind the wheel of a more expensive vehicle that is not licensed under their name, the parent’s rates are subject to penalty and dramatic rise in cost.

Auto insurance discounts for teen auto insurance quotes.
Most insurance companies offer discounts on teen auto insurance in return for proof that the child is receiving good grades in school. Studies have been conducted that show those students who spend time studying and are self motivated are better drivers. Driver’s education classes are required for young drivers under the age of eighteen; however, an eighteen year old can choose to forgo the classes. This is not necessarily recommended, especially for those who desire to lower insurance rates. Most company’s look favorably on the completion of a driver’s education course and discounts can range up to fifteen percent. There are insurance companies which even offer save driving courses which can be taken where a young driver promises to abstain from drinking alcohol when they are going to be behind the wheel. Despite the fact that there are several ways to keep costs down, parents should expect to have to pay higher rates until their child leaves for college.

Young drivers might view a driver’s license as a ticket to freedom, however they must also be aware of how much responsibility comes with operating a motor vehicle. Parents of teenage drivers should be certain to take precautionary measures and purchase teen auto insurance before allowing there child on the road. All drivers should exercise caution behind the wheel, however, experience is what brings wisdom, for “wisdom is the principal thing” Parents must be prepared to pay higher rates until their teenager enters adulthood.

Compare the teen auto insurance quotes here and get inexpensive teen auto insurance quotes, check it out.


Teenager car insurance
Young driver car insurance

Would teen auto insurance policy cover total loss?

Joey Smith : My car was totaled and my policy did not pay what I think my car was worth. Why? I have a comprehensive teen auto insurance coverages and collision coverage.

Teen auto insurance :policy coverage

Teen auto insurance policy claims assessment

Respones : Once you have taken a comphrensive teen auto insurance coverage and collison coverage and you meet with an accident, you can claim for own damage to your vehicle.

When the car is totally damaged and getting it repaired is going to be more costly than the insurance comapnies would prefer to pay the total value of the car instead of asking you to repair it. This is what “totalled means”. Most auto insurance policies pay the actual cash value (ACV) of a vehicle totaled in an accident. The ACV is equal to the market value of an auto immediately before the accident.

How the insurance companies determine teen auto insurance loss or car insurance losses?

You need to keep in mind that this is common for teen auto insurance policy loss or any other car insurance policy loss or claim as it is referred too. Insurers must use a fair and reasonable method to determine the value of your car. If you have concerns about their decision you may be able to negotiate with your insurer by telling them why your car may have had more value that what the insurance company originally determined.

Your vehicle’s value is determined by comparing your vehicle’s condition to similar vehicles. This may include input from local auto dealers, private parties or recent sales which the adjusters use in their valuation. Condition, equipment and mileage differences are also taken into consideration.

In addition, your insurance company may use a computerized evaluation process to assist them in determining the value of your vehicle. Some insurance companies have an in-built data base, which will help them to estimate costs in automotive claims and collision repairs. Third party software supplies insurers with software and a database that helps determine the value of a vehicle based upon automating the claims process. These systems have databases and systems that contain benchmarking tools to find the true value of a vehicle from repair shops and dealers.

At times some insurance companies would ask for the information from a loss assessor for estimating the value of the car in terms of present market value. A site www.nadaguides .com would also let you know the actual cash value.

Why is the market value of the car determined under teen auto insurance policy at time of claim?

You need to know why the market value of the car is determined under

    teen auto insurance

pollicy and you can go back and check out whether the have been paid according to the present market value. You need to remember that the principle on which insurance is based is the principle of indeminty and hence the idea is not to let the insured go in a loss, but at the same time if insurance companies start paying more than the actual market value it would encourage moral hazzards of getting profits from the insurance.

It is benefical that you have a teen auto insurance policy which has a comprehensive coverage. Now, that you have a claims, to get cheap car insurance check out the quote here.


Teenager car insurance
Young driver car insurance

Oprah Winfrey declares National No Phone Zone Day April 30 Stop texting while driving (VIDEO)2

No phone zone message -for safety and cheap teen auto insurance

No phone zone - no distracted driving leads to cheap car insurance

Halle Balle : Looking desperately for teen auto insurance quotes and cheap car insurance for my son who was involved in an accident. He was text messaging and lost control. Luckily no one was injured.

“Oparh declares 30th April as National No phone zone day”

Ophra has paved way for cheap auto insurance quotes and teen safety.

As on 30th April 2010 Ophra declared it as a “National No phone zone day” – no test messaging, no talking on the cell phone. Listen to her message and watch the video. This is a great step in the right direction and parents should insist that their teenagers should abstain from any form of distracted driving. Young drivers especially have the urge to talk on the phone or text message their friends or log onto twitter, facebook or other social net works.

Why teenagers do not get cheap teen auto insurance quotes?

The reality is that the younger, inexperienced drivers under 20 years old have the highest proportion of distraction-related fatal crashes. A Pew Internet & American Life Project survey of 800 young people called “Teens and Distracted Driving” found that 75 percent of all American teens ages 12 to 17 have a cellphone. The survey, conducted during the summer of 2009, found that 26 percent of American teens ages 16 to 17 have texted while driving and 43 percent have talked on a cellphone while driving. Forty-eight percent of teens ages 12-17 say they have been in a car when the driver was texting and 40 percent say they have been in a car when the driver used a cellphone in a way that put themselves or others in danger.

Data which explains why it is difficult to get cheap teen auto insurance quotes.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 2,739 drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 died in motor vehicle crashes in 2008, down 13.7 percent from 3,174 in 2007 and down 20.2 percent from 3,431 in 1998. An additional 228,000 young drivers were injured in 2008. Are you now familar with why cheap teen auto insurance quotes are not given readily by auto insurance companies?

Ophra has given you the secret to get
    cheap teen auto insurance quotes

Oprah has laid the foundation for us and as parents and teenagers we should ensure that we do not indulge in distracted driving and keep it a National No phone zone every time we are behind the wheels. This is the secret key to getting cheap teen auto insurance quotes. Be a positive influence on the teen and they will be good drivers and get cheap teen auto insurance quotes.

This would naturally result in less auto accidents and teen safety. The insurance companies would be able to cut down their claim expense and the teen auto insurance base rates would be reduced leading to cheap teen auto insurance.

Teenagers or young drivers will have good driving records and no claims on their records giving them discounts on being good drivers and also the no claim discount.

Be responsible towards yourself and your family- no use of phones or text messaging is the first step towards cheap teen auto insurance quotes. Teen auto ins quote.com is with you on this commitement. Thanks.

Teen auto insurance

At last! Cheaper teen car insurance rates offered by insurers!! You need…

Teen auto insurance

Yes. Teen car insurance was expensive in 2002 and is still expensive in 2013. The realty still remains that the teen car accident rates are higher – the car insurance claims are higher, which is the reason behind the auto insurance rates are expensive.

You do not want to miss this one most important point – Teen car accidents are the highest in the first six months of driving. You need to ensure “Confidence, training and guidance” to your teen during this period.

As per recent publication from the Insurance institute “ According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the study tracked 42 newly licensed 16-year olds with cameras, sensors and computers. Of the total 40 crashes and 279 near crashes recorded by all of the drivers of the monitored vehicles (including parents) during an 18-month period, teenagers had 13.3 crashes or near crashes per 16,000 kilometers in the first six months. This fell to 8.5 in the following 12 months. The teen crash rate averaged about 10 per 16,000 kilometers during the entire18 months compared with 2 for the parents.

The National Institutes of Health and the Virginia Transportation Institute found that crashes and near crashes are more common during the first six months of independent driving among young drivers than in the following year. Previous studies had shown that teen crash rates decline quickly as young drivers become experienced, but the joint study, released in December 2011, was the first to use in-vehicle monitoring to confirm the trend.

Insurance Companies are helping you get cheaper teen car insurance rates – how?

The reality is that we are moving to a movement of co-operation from one of competition.  Insurance companies are not on the other side of the fence for their clients- they are working with you, wanting the teens to be better drivers, to be safe on the road. Technology is helping us to accomplish what we never had thought possible before. It is not about spying on our teens, it is about helping the students, the teens and our beloved young drivers know their own driving habits in order to help them improve their driving.

Let us check out what the efforts are and how the companies are contributing:

1)       The cost of electronics devices are subsidized by the insurance companies. This is so that parents or teenagers can get these devices and install them to monitor the teen driving.

2)       Insurance companies also offer a discount to policy holder’s even teenagers for putting electronic device.

Check out what the insurance companies are offering

American Family Insurance Company has “DriveCam program”. They offered video cameras that alerted parents of their teens driving mistakes were devices were used. This was done for 2000 families.

-Cameras were free for one year. Camera offers weekly reports to parents and these are monitored and provided by independent company.

-Discount on policy holder.

21st Century (Zurich) and Safeco Insurance (Liberty Mutual) use GPS to track driving records

-GPS given for free.

– Emails or text message sent to parents if their teenagers if the limits of time, speed or boundaries are not followed.

– Safeco even allows parents to monitor their teens driving in real time

Progressive “ My Rate”

–       Free black box

–       Free black box given even if you do not have Progressive car insurance

–       Black box records speed, braking, time of day and distance driven. Car insurance discounts given based on this.

GMAC “OnStar program”

–       GPS based

–       Incentives to all drivers who limit their mileage.

Imagine what it would be to see that you have both the benefits – cheap car insurance quotes and also having your teen safe! Get your quote now.

Check out” Drivecam””


Teen auto insurance quote

Temporary car insurance for college student or a teen? You need….

Best car insurance

Dr Joe Vitale : My son is going to college and needs to get temporary car insurance, can you explain if this is possible and what is the advantage?

Response : Temporary car insruance for college student of teens would not be the answer to your needs. Check out why?

</h1> Temporary car insurance  </h1>

Temporary car insurance is for very short period of time for 1- 28 days only. Temporary car insurance is also called short term car insurance. Basically, this is a car insurance policy you would need when you are travelling to another country or to a state, where you might need higher car insurance coverage than what is required in your state, if you want to be safe.

The other reason you might get temporary car insurance is when you do not noramlly  have car insurance and decide to go for a holiday and drive a car for a temporary time.

Short term or temporary auto insurance is easy to get since most of the car insurance companies would provide you with this coverage.

You need to remember that the short term charges or rates for car insruance are high for a month, when compared to 12 months, since you would be charged for the paper work and also the administration cost, even for a month, which is higher.

<h2> You need “Pay as you go”  car insurance</h2>

The best option avaliable now in 2013 and this started in 2012, is to get “Pay as you go” car insurance. This is car insurance which is rated on the basis of  how many miles you drive, your driving history and driving habits. Joe, this would be a blessing for you, where you can get car insurance at a cheaper rate and also at the same time be able to guide and monitor your son’s driving record.

“Pay as you go” is now offered by most car insurance companies like Progressive, State Farm Insurance and many other car insurance companies. You can get your car insurance quote also here. Check out this video for further information and insight on temporary car insurance.

Cheap car insurance

Florida car insurance changes for 2013- be warned.

Teenager car insurance

Rob Ryan : Any changes in car insurance in FLORIDA for 2013?

Florida car insurance for 2013

Florida is a No-fault state, and hence on the liability besides the requirement of Third party liability for person and property but also the requirement for Personal Injury.  HB 119 Motor Vehicle Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance was signed into law by Florida Gov. Rick Scott in May 2012. This  law is an important  auto insurance law in years as per the insurance industry. This law  seeks to clamp down on alleged abuse and fraud and improve the state’s no-fault, personal injury protection (PIP) system.


Fraud has been a biggest draw back and loss leader for Florida, New Jersey and California for auto insurance. Fraud has increased the cost of car insurance claims and this has been one of the reasons, the sunshine state is seeing an increase in car insurance rates.

Changes on car insurance in Jan 1 2013

The medical benefits provisions of the law will take effect on Jan. 1, 2013. They include the requirement that accident victims report an auto-related injury and seek treatment within 14 days. Under the new law, those physicians and facilities able to diagnose individuals seeking treatment under PIP medical benefits are: licensed physicians, licensed osteopathic physicians, licensed chiropractic physicians, licensed dentists, hospitals, facilities that own or are owned by hospitals, or licensed emergency transportation or treatment providers.

The law also applies two coverage limits for PIP medical benefits, based on the severity of the individuals medical condition. Policyholders could receive up to $10,000 in benefits for emergency medical care and $2,500 for other less serious injuries. Follow up medical care must also be consistent with the underlying medical diagnosis rendered when the initial services and care were received.

In addition to the $10,000 in medical and disability benefits, $5,000 in death benefits is offered. The death benefit was previously the lesser of the unused benefits, up to a limit of $5,000. The PIP medical fee schedule revisions to help resolve alleged ambiguities in the schedule also take effect in January. Revisions include clarifying the reimbursement levels for care provided by ambulatory surgical centers and clinical laboratories. Insurers will be required to include notice of the fee schedule in their policies.

Here is a video


Remember the important points:

1) See a doctor immediately you are involved in car accident.

2) The doctor has to diagnosis any medical emergency related to the accident within 14 days.

3) After 14 days the amount of coverage is reduced to a mere $2500/-

Would these changes increase car insurance rates in Florida?

What is important to remember that you are not giving your money for nothing, you need to see a doctor immediatly . Take action immediately once you get into an accident.

It would be a good idea to get personal health coverage just for your safety by saving on car insurance. However, if you still feel that this is something, which is much higher, rest assured that you can get a free car insurance quote, here. You just have to give a little bit of time to save a lot of money. Would you do that and help yourself?




Young driver car insurance
Young driver car insurance

Car insurance is fast changing and there is a huge shift going on in the insurance market for car insurance.   The changes in the car insurance market place are many and  so we will take up the expected changes and how it affects all concerned.

Car insurance rating system is fast changing – some of this changes are being brought on by the new laws that are coming up.

Car insurance rates for girls will now be similar as boys in Europe? Will this change come in North America?

From 21 December, car insurance companies  will no longer be able to calculate premiums based on a person’s  gender – because the European Court of Justice has deemed it ‘unfair’.

This means that the advantage the fair sex had on car insurance rates, till date is now not in existence. Girls will pay premiums  which are as high as car insurance premiums for boys. The predictions are that the girls in Europe will be paying car insurance premiums which would be almost 25% higher than what they are paying and the boys will pay a premium lower by 10%.

Now, the question of genders would not pay a material role.

How about North America? Can we expect to see similar changes in the car insurance rating for girls?

Changes do come in, and if Europe has started this, it would be a question of time, for the changes to come into North America. Yes, in many ways all the tips and tricks which were provided by the car insurance experts would soon be outdated and stale.

We would be providing you with all the latest information and tips on car insurance as it works in 2013 and also help you get prepared in advance, so that you and your family are in a position to take up the benefits, when the changes come in. Each dollar that you save in this recession is worth while.

Surely, you do not want to keep your home budget balance and have enough to enjoy for 2013. Yes, one sure way is to get your cheaper car insurance quote here.

The good news is that it still pays to compare car insurance quotes. 

There is another big news and change you should keep in mind and that Alabama has made changes with effect from 1st January 2013 to the car insurance laws. They have now, started  verifying online on the validity of car insurance policies. If you do not have mandatory car insurance………..Check out in our post tomorrow as to what the replications are.

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Young driver car insurance

Warning – Teen Car insurance rating is changing, globally.

Teen auto insurance quotes

Reality _ Teen Car insurance rating is changing.

Teen car insurance rating is changing. The future of car insurance would be based on Telemetric. Your own driving record would decide the  car insurance rates.

The reality will soon hit in the markets. In future the car insurance companies would not be much concerned  about your age  profile or  our gender. They would be able to select the risk based on the actual driving record of the person and rate the car insurance based on the driving habits and miles of usage.

Telematics is becoming the new rating device for car insurance. What is telematics? Telematics is a device – a black box, a tracking device installed into the car. This is not at present installed at the point of manufacture but is a self fitted or a smart phone which is installed in the car, which tracks the driving habits and car usage of the driver.

How does the insurer rate car insurance premium based on telemetics?

The insurance company would collect the data from the black box or recorder about the trips, journey or the monthly recorded data. This data would be subsequently be translated into a set of driving scores from which the insurance company can price. The insurance company would rate and arrive at the premium based on – when, where and how the car was driven. By how – it would mean the speed of the car, the number of times the break was used, how the driver was navigating at corners or whether there was any aggressive driving.

The truth is now, the drivers would not be able to complain that they are being judged on the experience of other drivers or the geographical region- since the majority of their car insurance rating would depend upon their own record.

Can you still get cheaper car insurance or would it make sense in comparing car insurance online now?

The answer to this question is sure- it would still make sense in comparing car insurance, all the more beneficial to you, since you would be able to know exactly where you stand as far as your driving record stands and thus be able to find out which insurer would be best for you. It is going to be an interesting phase coming.

Stay tuned. We are  going to let you know how telemetric s is going to affect you and the insurance company. This might be a good study field for the near future, if you still thinking of a career.

Finish your shopping, we will be able to help you to get cheaper car insurance – save and recoupe some money spent now.

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If you still want to know further on telemetric and car insurance watch the video below.



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