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Arjun Atwal : I recently meet with an accident and I am a teen. How much will my teen auto insurance rates go up after one accident?

Teen auto insurance rates or auto insurance rates increase with an accident

It is a known fact that teen auto insurance rates or any auto insurance rates would increase if you are involved in an accident. This is because you are sending a messaage to the insurance company that your driving skills are not perfect, or your driving history is adversely affected. As per the insurance companies their data shows that a person having a bad driving history is more likely to be involved in a car acccident than a person who has not been involved.

When shopping for car insurance, drivers choose mainly based on price, service and reputation. What you need to remember once you had an accident is to compare teen auto insurance quotes for surcharges. What are surcharges? Surcharges are the companys schedule of rating matrix which is predetermined premium increase that is charged if you are involvoved or were at fault in a car accident.

How are surcharges applied by different insurance companies especially on teen auto insurance

How surcharges apply for teen auto insurance quotes or any other auto insurance rates, is actually a very complicated since it would differ from each insurance company. However, it is something which is our headache and something you need to understand since you need to get cheap car insurance rates or cheap auto insurance quotes.

Assuming that you had a spotless driving record for the past 5 years. Last month you caused an accident. Now there’s a claim on your car insurance in order to pay for damages. You suspect your rates will go up at renewal time, but what’s a standard increase after just one accident?

Examples of insurance surcharges after accidents one accident AAA auto club the rates go up 30%, Progressive are 29.2% and after the second accident the rates go up 150% for AAA auto club and 60% for Progressive. These are not real examples but given here so that you get an idea of how the teen auto insurance rates are applied after accidents or what the surchages can be like.

The point to be noted here is that there are huge differences in the surcharges that are applied by on the teen auto insurance rates. Hence for a person who is looking for cheap car insurance or cheap teen auto insurance it becomes necessary that they do get online and compare auto insurance quotes.

< h3> Different methods of charging surcharge on teen auto insurance or auto insurance rates in case of accidents

The surcharges on the teen auto insurance rates for accidents do not only depend upon the insurance company but also on the state insurance department. The insurance companies cannot apply the rate surcharge on auto insurance or teen auto insurance as per what the want to. They need to get the rates approved by the state department. However, since the risk is increased due to the likely hood of accidents after one accident since the driver has shown that he is negligent, the rate would increase by atleast 20% by most companies.

The good news for teen auto insurance is that if you are a new driver and have less than two years expereince than your teen auto insurance rate will not be increased at the time of your first accident since you are already paying a higher premium for an inexperience driver.

However, some insurance companies will not figure your increase based on their base rate, but rather on what you were paying before the accident. Keep in mind that your location, age and driving record, as well as the “loss experience” (meaning claims made) of drivers similar to you affect the percentage increase of your insurance premium.

Unfortunatly auto insurance rates increases not exactly a science. A driver might find your rate increasing higher if you have a auto accident and have your birthday where your age might affect the insurance premium and your rate increases substainally. At times, if you are turning 25+ and have a car accident, inspite of the accident your teen auto insurance rate will go down.

The right strategy for you would be to look for teen auto insurance quotes and take multiple teen auto insurance qutoes to get the cheap car insurance or cheap teen auto insurance quotes for free. Get them and maintain your huge saving with cheap teen auto insurance quotes.

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Teen auto insurance quotes

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