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In a world where we have to think strongly about our carbon footprint, and impact on the environment, our option of car is really essential. But where do we start? You hear practically daily about green cars, and cars that say they are green, but really have to have parts imported so do far more damage to the environment that way. The mind boggles! There are a selection of cars that are much more economically friendly, (worked out on miles per gallon) and consequently really should assuage our guilt on damaging the world.

1)      Smart ForTwo

The smart auto has been around for ten years, being adapted and updated to provide us with today’s light city auto, producing even the smallest space easy to park in.

2)      Ford Fiesta Econetic

Comfortable and eco friendly, this fiesta gives us minimal impact on the environment, and keeps every person happy.

3)      Seat Ibiza Ecomotive

This one provides great value for funds, and is really fuel efficient, showing that SEAT’s second generation model is significantly better than the very first.

4)      Citreon C3

The air dream model provides sub 100g/km CO2 emissions.

five)      Mini Cooper D

Offering begin quit technology, the mini has low running costs and is easy on environmental damage.

With new hybrid and green cars in the forefront of publicity at the moment, it seems that now you can have comfort and affordability even though still striving to play a component in the saving of the world. Receiving lower Vehicle Insurance Quotes when you buy these vehicles, what do you have to lose?

Car insurance for economical cars: Getting car insurance for economic cars is easy. Admited that the economical cars might not be considered totally safe cars from insurance companies point of view, and thought the rate for insuring these cars is slightly higher here are the ways you can reduce your overall premiums on the economical cars.

1) Note down your actual mileage of use and reduce the mileage – or take up the option of pay as your drive.

2) Install safety features if not there- airbags, air brakes, – so you get higher discounts.

3) Get your good students (good grades) discount.

4) Best of all ensure a good driving record .

With this and a quote comparison from here- get your cheap car insurance quote- teen auto ins quote gives you the best opportunity for cheap and best compatitive quotes- for free.


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Teen auto insurance quotes

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