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Kate Upton : Looking for best car insurance my 16 year old daughter- any tips?

Best car insurance tips for 16 year old girls.

Response : Kate, I am sure your duaghter believes and knows that you are “Super Mom”. Car insurance for a 16 year old girl is going to be most expensive since this is a new teen driver. The advantage is that it is going to be cheaper than a 16 year old boy.

What most parents do is add the 16 year old  on their policy as it’s simpler to simply cope with one insurance provider than browse around for cheaper options. Yes, if you add her to your policy you would be paying an additional 50% only provided the teen does not have any accident or traffic tickets or driving offences.


 However, to make them responsible for their own insurance and to get them their own insurance coverage is something which a parent should be looking for. Obviously it is a higher cost now, but a very good way to make your 16 year old responsible , get them financially independent, help them learn to establish a good credit record and obviously good grades. Obviously, you know your 16 year old much better than anyone else and hence you can make the judgment on this.


There are ways to get cheaper car insurance for a 16 year old also. Please read the blog post on progressive Snapshot and other methods of getting insurance for “pay as you go”, which will help you keep a record of the teens driving.


Obviously, you will have to get your 16 year old girl to complete the Graduated Driving License course and here are other ways to reduce the car insurance cost and get cheaper cost for a 16 year old.


1. Look Around


Prices change from business to business, therefore it is effective look around. Reach least three cost quotes. You are able to call companies directly or access information on the web. Compare insurance quotes, is the key and you know it.

You purchase insurance to safeguard you financially and supply satisfaction. You need to choose a company that’s financially stable. Look into the financial health of insurance providers with rating companies like a.Michael. Best  Am Best  and Standard & Poor’s and consult consumer magazines.


Get quotes from various kinds of insurance providers. Some sell through their very own agents. These agencies have a similar title because the insurance provider. Some sell through independent agents who offer guidelines from the 3 insurance providers. Others don’t use agents. They offer straight to customers over the telephone or online.


Don’t shop cost alone. Request buddies and relatives for his or her recommendations. Speak to your condition insurance department to discover whether or not they showcase consumer complaints by company. Pick a real estate agent or company representative that can take time to reply to the questions you have. You should use the record on the rear of this sales brochure that will help you compare quotes from insurance companies and on a single coverage.


2. Before You Purchase a Vehicle, Compare Insurance Charges


Before you purchase a used or new vehicle, look at insurance charges. Vehicle insurance rates are based simply around the car’s car or truck, the price to correct it, its overall safety record, and the probability of thievery. Many insurance companies offer discount rates for features that reduce the chance of injuries or thievery. Included in this are daytime running lights and anti-thievery products. That will help you decide what vehicle to purchase, you will get information in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

3. Request for Greater Insurance deductibles


Insurance deductibles are that which you pay before your insurance plan takes over. By asking for greater insurance deductibles, you are able to decrease your costs substantially. For instance, growing your deductible from $200 to $500 could lower your comprehensive and collision coverage cost by 15 to 30 %. Seeing a $1,000 deductible can help you save 40 % or even more. Before selecting a greater deductible, ensure you are able to afford put aside to pay for it for those who have claims.


4. Buy a safe car : You can buy a car which is safe probably a Hyndai Accent has been voted as the Best girls car for 2012. You might also buy a small car which is safe and so that the 16 year old would not be able to have more passengers. Teen passengers are the biggest distraction for a 16 year old when driving.

5. Reduce Coverage on Older Cars


Consider shedding collision and/or comprehensive insurance coverages on older cars. In case your vehicle may be worth under 10 occasions the premium, buying the policy might not be economical. Auto sellers and banks let you know the value of cars. Or look up online at Kelley’s Blue Book Take a look at coverage at renewal time for you to make certain your insurance needs haven’t transformed.



6. Maintain a favorable credit Record


Creating a good credit rating can reduce your insurance charges. Insurance companies are progressively using credit information to cost car insurance guidelines. To safeguard your credit rating, repay what you owe promptly, don’t obtain more credit than you’ll need and your credit balances to a minimum. Look at your credit score regularly and also have any errors remedied quickly to ensure that your record remains accurate.


7. Make the most of Low Mileage Discount rates


Some companies offer discount rates to drivers who drive a lesser than average quantity of miles annually. Low mileage discount rates may also affect motorists who vehicle pool to operate.


8. Request about Group Insurance


Some companies offer cutbacks to motorists who get insurance via a group plan using their companies, through professional, business and alumni groups, or any other associations. Request your employer and inquire with groups or clubs you’re a person in to ascertain if you could do.


9. Look For Other Discount rates


Companies offer discount rates to customers who haven’t had moving accidents or moving violations for several years. You may even obtain a discount for a defensive driving course. Get your  great student, has had a motorists education course or perhaps is in a college from the area with no vehicle, you may even be eligible for a  lesser rate.


Do not forget to give them tips not to indulge in distracted driving. Cell phones and ipods and other passengers in the car are  “NO”  Motivate with Oprah’s video on distracted driving.

Happy driving for your 16 year old. I am sure your daughter is excited to get behind the wheel of her own vehicle.

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