Florida car insurance changes for 2013- be warned.

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Rob Ryan : Any changes in car insurance in FLORIDA for 2013?

Florida car insurance for 2013

Florida is a No-fault state, and hence on the liability besides the requirement of Third party liability for person and property but also the requirement for Personal Injury.  HB 119 Motor Vehicle Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance was signed into law by Florida Gov. Rick Scott in May 2012. This  law is an important  auto insurance law in years as per the insurance industry. This law  seeks to clamp down on alleged abuse and fraud and improve the state’s no-fault, personal injury protection (PIP) system.


Fraud has been a biggest draw back and loss leader for Florida, New Jersey and California for auto insurance. Fraud has increased the cost of car insurance claims and this has been one of the reasons, the sunshine state is seeing an increase in car insurance rates.

Changes on car insurance in Jan 1 2013

The medical benefits provisions of the law will take effect on Jan. 1, 2013. They include the requirement that accident victims report an auto-related injury and seek treatment within 14 days. Under the new law, those physicians and facilities able to diagnose individuals seeking treatment under PIP medical benefits are: licensed physicians, licensed osteopathic physicians, licensed chiropractic physicians, licensed dentists, hospitals, facilities that own or are owned by hospitals, or licensed emergency transportation or treatment providers.

The law also applies two coverage limits for PIP medical benefits, based on the severity of the individuals medical condition. Policyholders could receive up to $10,000 in benefits for emergency medical care and $2,500 for other less serious injuries. Follow up medical care must also be consistent with the underlying medical diagnosis rendered when the initial services and care were received.

In addition to the $10,000 in medical and disability benefits, $5,000 in death benefits is offered. The death benefit was previously the lesser of the unused benefits, up to a limit of $5,000. The PIP medical fee schedule revisions to help resolve alleged ambiguities in the schedule also take effect in January. Revisions include clarifying the reimbursement levels for care provided by ambulatory surgical centers and clinical laboratories. Insurers will be required to include notice of the fee schedule in their policies.

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Remember the important points:

1) See a doctor immediately you are involved in car accident.

2) The doctor has to diagnosis any medical emergency related to the accident within 14 days.

3) After 14 days the amount of coverage is reduced to a mere $2500/-

Would these changes increase car insurance rates in Florida?

What is important to remember that you are not giving your money for nothing, you need to see a doctor immediatly . Take action immediately once you get into an accident.

It would be a good idea to get personal health coverage just for your safety by saving on car insurance. However, if you still feel that this is something, which is much higher, rest assured that you can get a free car insurance quote, here. You just have to give a little bit of time to save a lot of money. Would you do that and help yourself?




Teen auto insurance
Teenager car insurance

Car insurance is fast changing and there is a huge shift going on in the insurance market for car insurance.   The changes in the car insurance market place are many and  so we will take up the expected changes and how it affects all concerned.

Car insurance rating system is fast changing – some of this changes are being brought on by the new laws that are coming up.

Car insurance rates for girls will now be similar as boys in Europe? Will this change come in North America?

From 21 December, car insurance companies  will no longer be able to calculate premiums based on a person’s  gender – because the European Court of Justice has deemed it ‘unfair’.

This means that the advantage the fair sex had on car insurance rates, till date is now not in existence. Girls will pay premiums  which are as high as car insurance premiums for boys. The predictions are that the girls in Europe will be paying car insurance premiums which would be almost 25% higher than what they are paying and the boys will pay a premium lower by 10%.

Now, the question of genders would not pay a material role.

How about North America? Can we expect to see similar changes in the car insurance rating for girls?

Changes do come in, and if Europe has started this, it would be a question of time, for the changes to come into North America. Yes, in many ways all the tips and tricks which were provided by the car insurance experts would soon be outdated and stale.

We would be providing you with all the latest information and tips on car insurance as it works in 2013 and also help you get prepared in advance, so that you and your family are in a position to take up the benefits, when the changes come in. Each dollar that you save in this recession is worth while.

Surely, you do not want to keep your home budget balance and have enough to enjoy for 2013. Yes, one sure way is to get your cheaper car insurance quote here.

The good news is that it still pays to compare car insurance quotes. 

There is another big news and change you should keep in mind and that Alabama has made changes with effect from 1st January 2013 to the car insurance laws. They have now, started  verifying online on the validity of car insurance policies. If you do not have mandatory car insurance………..Check out in our post tomorrow as to what the replications are.

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Teenager car insurance

Warning – Teen Car insurance rating is changing, globally.

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Reality _ Teen Car insurance rating is changing.

Teen car insurance rating is changing. The future of car insurance would be based on Telemetric. Your own driving record would decide the  car insurance rates.

The reality will soon hit in the markets. In future the car insurance companies would not be much concerned  about your age  profile or  our gender. They would be able to select the risk based on the actual driving record of the person and rate the car insurance based on the driving habits and miles of usage.

Telematics is becoming the new rating device for car insurance. What is telematics? Telematics is a device – a black box, a tracking device installed into the car. This is not at present installed at the point of manufacture but is a self fitted or a smart phone which is installed in the car, which tracks the driving habits and car usage of the driver.

How does the insurer rate car insurance premium based on telemetics?

The insurance company would collect the data from the black box or recorder about the trips, journey or the monthly recorded data. This data would be subsequently be translated into a set of driving scores from which the insurance company can price. The insurance company would rate and arrive at the premium based on – when, where and how the car was driven. By how – it would mean the speed of the car, the number of times the break was used, how the driver was navigating at corners or whether there was any aggressive driving.

The truth is now, the drivers would not be able to complain that they are being judged on the experience of other drivers or the geographical region- since the majority of their car insurance rating would depend upon their own record.

Can you still get cheaper car insurance or would it make sense in comparing car insurance online now?

The answer to this question is sure- it would still make sense in comparing car insurance, all the more beneficial to you, since you would be able to know exactly where you stand as far as your driving record stands and thus be able to find out which insurer would be best for you. It is going to be an interesting phase coming.

Stay tuned. We are  going to let you know how telemetric s is going to affect you and the insurance company. This might be a good study field for the near future, if you still thinking of a career.

Finish your shopping, we will be able to help you to get cheaper car insurance – save and recoupe some money spent now.

Get your auto insurance quote here.

If you still want to know further on telemetric and car insurance watch the video below.



Teen auto insurance

5 tips to pay lower than average teenage car insurance rates

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Why average teen car insuance rates are higher

Average teen car insurance rates are higher than all other age-groups and this is on account of the high rate of accidents for this age group, which leads to higher car insurance. The statistical details of the teen car accidents have been repeated over and again on the web countless times, however as teenagers and parents of teens you need to pay attention to the following conclusions for higher auto accidents drawn from a study by US national Institutes of Health (NIH) :

1) The first six months are by far the most dangerous months of driving. New drivers are 12 times more likely to be involved in a car accident during the first 18 months of getting their license.

2) Tens were five times more likely to engage in risky driving behavior than adults, more texting and distractions.

 3) Teens are fast drivers like speed.

4) Teenager took sharp turns, fast starts ups and braked more sharply.

 5) Inattention is a huge issue for teenagers.

Tips to get lower than average teen car insurance rates

Average teen car insurance rates

Practice brings perfection, experience and low average teen car insurance rates.

This means that teens need to watch their speed, be mindful of not getting distracted on the road, paying full concentration on driving on the road and take adequate training so that they can control how they drive.

As parents your role would be to ensure that you have given the teenager adequate and enough driving practices and lessons, before you give them the wheel. Parents tend to consider the cost of the driving lessons and want to spend only the bare minimum behind driving schools. You need to consider that you did spend for 14+ years of schooling for your child, which was not as dangerous as driving, than why not give them the required driving hours + a few more, to have them become more confident behind the wheel. The first tip is it is necessary to have enough hours of training behind the wheel for the teenager to become confident, learn the dangerous of the road and have the right techniques and reflexes to ensure safety and a good driving habit. This is going to pay you more than adequately in terms of a good driving record, low claims and ultimately lower than average teen car insurance premiums or teen car insurance rates. Your motto should be to complete the Graduated driving course, before you get behind the wheel or have your teen get behind the wheel.

Small cars lower average car insurance rates.

It is important to be prudent and smart to select the car that you drive. The main thing you need to remember is to avoid sports cars since they do speed very fast and based on the findings above the weakness of teens of speeding and fast starts more pronounced. List of small cars which are a good safety pick for 2012 as per the Insurance highway safety report are :
Chevrolet Cruze
Chevrolet Sonic
Chevrolet Volt
Ford Focus
Honda Civic 4-dr
Honda CR-Z,
Insight Hyundai Elantra
Kia Forte sedan
Kia Soul
Lexus CT 200h
Mazda 3 sedan and hatchback Mini Cooper Countryman Mitsubishi Lancer except Ralliart &
Evolution Nissan Cube
Nissan Juke
Nissan Leaf Scion tC, xB, xD
Subaru Impreza except WRX
Toyota Corolla
Toyota Prius
Volkswagen Golf 4-dr
Volkswagen GTI 4-
Since the above cars have been picked as safe cars by the insurance highway safety, the car insurance rates for these cars would be lower than other cars which do not fall in the above list.

Lower mileage give you low average teen car insurance rates.

Your driving record is important to you, besides you might be wanting to know where you are going wrong- you’re driving faults and wanting to correct them. It would be in your favor, to go for car insurance options like “pay as you go”, snapshot from Progressive and many others. They would help you get low average teen car insurance rates since you will drive less and also give you an insight into your driving. Correct your errors and you would be well on the way for an excellent driving record much sooner. For more information on these plans check out post on “pay as you go plans”

Higher auto insurance discounts, help lower average teen car insurance rates

Higher auto insurance discounts can be obtained with ease for low or cheap teen auto insurance quotes.
Get the discounts on :
Good student – Excellent grades in schools or college or university gets you discounts as high as 15%. Multiple car insurance discounts.
Multiple insurance discounts – Insure both your home or life or health and car with one insurer.
Group memberships or associations- Check out if you get an auto insurance discount for your being a student of a particular university- however, you might lose the freedom of getting other cheap teen car insurance quotes since the university might have tied up with a particular insurance company for these discounts.
Safety feature-Safety features discounts like airbags, air brakes
Graduated License driving – A 15% graduated driving license discount can be obtained.

Be savy –compare teen auto insurance quotes.

Be smart and compare teen auto insurance quotes, you would be surprised how much you can save. Each website has tie up with a number of insurers who give comparative teen car insurance quotes. All you need to do is compare teen auto insurance quotes with the same coverages. Keep the above in mind and it would be useful to get teen car insurance for now and even low car insurance rates for the future.

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Olympics brings car insurance discounts to UK teens & UK…

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Olympics brings car insurance discounts?

Car insurance discounts for olympics

Good news for UK teenager car insurance and car insurance holders in UK . Olympics in London have  brought two great offers from car insurance companies to the UK.

Aviva Insurance is offering  15 weeks of car insurance free for new customers who buy car insurance online. Check out if you qualify.

To qualify you need a 4 year NCD – no claims or accident free driving record. 

On the second car – Multiple car, you would qualify for 1/3 discount on your car insurance rates.

The second great offer is brought by : Direct Line. Your quotes would be valid for 90 days. You would get a 15% discount on your car insurance, subject to minimum premium. To qualify you must be a new customer and also buy car insurance online.

Check out your online car insurance here for more great offers in USA, Canada or UK. – we have tied up with all. Check out your rates and bag your Car insurance gold medal – before the Olympics start. Offers valid during the Olympics also…..




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